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        1. 灰鐵機身配件灰鐵機身配件灰鐵機身配件,材質均勻問題涉及的影響因素很多,有材料本身的選...
        2.    灰鐵鑄件   灰鐵鑄件增加   灰鐵鑄件抗拉輕度方法:可以在原材料中加入少量的...
        3. 機床鑄件1機床鑄件1機床鑄件耐磨性與消震性好。由于鑄鐵中石墨有利于潤滑及貯油,所...
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            我司已通過GB/T19001-2008/ ISO9001:2000標準,可生產各類牌號球墨鑄件、灰鐵鑄件等各種材質鑄鐵件。主要產品有:機床鑄件、消失模鑄件、球墨鑄件、消防栓鑄件、采礦機械鑄件、壓縮機鑄件、雕刻機鑄件、減速機鑄件、泵體閥門鑄件、模具料鑄件等,全部依據   標準生產,其中非標產品依照用戶圖紙生產。經省,市計量技術監督局連續不定的抽樣檢驗,各項技術指標均達到或超過   鑒定規程要求。被省市兩級有關部門授予“重合同,守信譽”單位,產品31個省市、自治區,部分產品遠銷:,德國,日本,韓國等   ,產品深受國內外客戶的好評。

          Cangzhou YiHeng Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Located in Botou Hebei province,It has now become a middle-sized local heavy machine building enterprise covering the land of 12 thousand square meters among which there are 8 thousand square meters of construction area. It has more than 100 employees, among which there are 20 specialists of various professions. Production equipments have resin sand reclamation line, resin molding line, medium frequency melting furnace, and some other auxiliary production equipments. Testing equipments:one coordinate measuring machine, one German spectrometer, digital metalloscope, sand analysis detection system, low temperature impact testing machine, universal tensile testing machine, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, carbon and silicon furnace  analyzer, roughness measuring instrument, the sound velocity meter, thermometer, endoscope and hardness tester and other kinds of detecting instruments.

          Our company has passed the Quality Management System Certification (ISO9001:2008) in 2008 and mainly produce ductile castings , gray iron castings, heat-resistant cast iron, compacted graphite iron castings and other materials. Main products: machine tool castings,mining machinery and decelerator parts, engineering machinery parts and fire pump system series parts,etc. All products are based on national standards, including non-standard products in accordance with the users’ drawing .Measurement of the provincial, city and technical supervision continuous variable sampling inspection, the technical indicators have reached or exceeded the national identification code requirements. Departments provincial and municipal levels awarded "honor the contract and keep credibility" units.we selling products to 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and some products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries and have won the domestic and foreign customers.

             YiHeng Machinery has founded more than 30 years with high-quality , perfect service, sincere cooperation ."The supremacy of credibility Quality first" is our constant management rules, obtain the customers credit guarantee. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit, call or letter from negotiations. We are looking forward with you hand in hand and seek the development.

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